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Production Lines for the dairy and food industries

Specialised knowledge is crucial!
High quality and well proven machines for producing and processing dairy products demand  specialised skill and knowledge.


MTA Maschinen & Technologie Allgäu offer this specialised knowledge that gives you those great advantages  when it comes to designing and installation of new lines in your dairy. Great advantages in terms of project planning, designing, manufacturing and installation in combination with you and our high qualified and skilled Dairy Engineers, assure you of the very best performance for your products and demand.


MTA’s offers:


  • Line layouts with responsively customised planning for your dairy plant
  • Dairy machines for different plant sizes, all manufactured according to your demand
    • Cheese vats from 1,000 l to 35,000 l capacity
    • Draining belts / maturing belts / salting belts
    • Block and drum filling systems
    • Fat melters
    • Processed-cheese machines
  • Complete lines for producing:
    • Cheddar
    • Cottage Cheese 
    • Mozzarella
  • All systems upstream and downstream of our lines, such as milk reception and storage, thermal treatment, mechanical and I&C interlinkage, CIP cleaning, and all the installation work required for integrating our machines into your existing machinery.